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The Vinyl Advantage

Clear Point Construction, Inc. ImagesThermo-Tech Premium Windows and Doors are made of vinyl. It's a sustainable, environmentally smart material that lasts. Building products made of wood or other plant-based materials sound "green" but they are less energy efficient than vinyl. Saving energy is good for the planet, and great for your wallet. How do we do it? The space between the panes of glass and the air in the frame create your energy savings. To maximize our vinyl's energy efficiency, Thermo-Tech uses an exclusive multi-chambered frame and sash extrusion design. It works like thermal brakes, creating insulating air pockets for improved energy efficiency and stability. Fusion welding at the corners adds more strength and durability as it counteracts contraction and expansion forces. Here in central Minnesota, we know a thing about temperature extremes. Bitter cold. Stifling heat. Weather that can bully wood windows or other non-vinyl materials doesn't bother us. Our high-quality vinyl handles it all. No warping. No twisting. Never flinching. Wood breaks down many times faster than vinyl. And that means wood windows need to be replaced more oftenrequiring even more energy consumption. But Thermo-Tech vinyl products won't peel, chip, crack, blister or rot, and there's no painting, no staining, no stripping,or sealing. Just clean with a damp cloth and mild detergent. Completely recyclable, vinyl simply makes environmental sense. Perhaps that's why so many homeowners and builders across the country prefer vinyl windows. Americans have installed over 190 million new and replacement units, and we're building more every day. What can we make for you?

Clear Point Construction, Inc. ImagesOur 100% virgin polyvinylchloride (PVC) extrusion material:

  • Insulates for better energy efficiency than standard materials.
  • Holds more steady temperatures for greater comfort.
  • Requires no special cleaning, painting, sealing or other time-consuming maintenance.
  • Helps reduce heating and cooling bills.
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